As a socially responsible company, Wind Park Plandište d.o.o. is ready to consider the needs and problems of the local community and support donations that improve the quality of life of all citizens. The goal of socially responsible activities is to support the community in which we work, primarily through projects that improve the environment, education or health system of the local community.
During 2019, the company Wind Park Plandište donated 2,500,000 dinars to the Health Center “1. October ” for the purpose of purchasing an ambulance vehicle. The modern and equipped ambulance vehicle was purchased in a joint action with the NIS a.d., who donated 2,000,000 dinars within the project „Communities Together“. The vehicle, whose value is approximately 4,500,000 dinars, was solemnly handed over to the president of the municipality of Plandiste Mr. Repac Jovan and the management of the health center, by the director of the company Boris Granovskiy.

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