About the community

The Plandište community is located in the autonomous province of Vojvodina, 125 km from Novi Sad and only 10 km from the Romanian border. It is close to the regional highway Plandište – Alibunar – Pančevo – Belgrade. The area is part of the South Banat District that consists of 8 communities and is known for its strong winds, which makes it a perfect place for the development and construction of a wind park.

Apart for its wind, the Plandište community is also known the its agriculture, oil fields, hunting grounds, and canals.


The most important value of the community is its multi-ethnic population of 11 300 people.  The majority of local residents are Serbian, joined by Hungarians, Romanians and Macedonians.

For more information about the Plandište community please visit www.plandiste-opstina.rs, the official website of the local government.