Municipality of Plandiste gets new ambulance


The Municipality of Plandiste has received a new ambulance worth RSD 4,500,000.

The company Wind Park Plandiste donated RSD 2.5 million, whereas NIS Gazpromneft set aside RSD 2 million from the Zajednici Zajedno program.

The director of Wind Park Plandiste, Boris Granovsky, said that the company had great cooperation with the municipality of Plandiste and that it was the reason why it had decided to support the donation.

– Wind Park Plandiste is a socially responsible company which takes care of the local community where it develops the project and which plans to build a wind park. We are grateful to the municipality for the cooperation, but also to Jovan Repac, the president of the municipality, who recognized what the citizens needs and asked us to donate. I believe that we will have more such corporate responsibility projects in the future – Granovsky said.

The president of the municipality of Plandiste, Jovan Repac, expressed his satisfaction over this donation.

– This donation is of great importance for us, as it contributes to health protection in the municipality. The new ambulance will help transport patients, especially children, who are the priority, but also adults in palliative care and undergoing dialysis procedures. We take care of the citizens and we are glad that investors are supporting us – Repac said.

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